Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It's no secret that the radio stations in Memphis completely blow. We finally got an awesome "generation x" station that played 90s music, but it just changed to a news talk show. Although it seems to be quite right wing, which is a nice alternative to liberal NPR (not judging... I can roll with both), I see it as a loss. I finally juiced up my ipod and was shuffling on my way to work, when a song came on that instantaneously brought a memory to mind. Then I got to thinking... what are some songs that so vividly remind me of certain times from my past???

Runaway Train (Soul Asylum)-- This song brings me back to the 4th grade. We were rewarded fake money for good grades/behavior, and could use that money to buy things at a "market." Anyways, this girl I sat next to made a mixed tape with this song repeated 20 times for this other guy in the class. He paid her 20 fictitious dollars for said mixed tape.... which she lost, and I found. I didn't realize that someone was searching for this tape when I found it loitering by the cubbies, so I figured it was just my lucky day. However, I still didn't give up my new treasure when Karen came to me asking if I've seen her tape.... hell to the no! Instead, I went home, popped that bad boy in my tape player and listened to Runaway Train.... 20 times. For free.

Ray of Light (Madonna)-- In 8th grade, none of us were old enough to date, so we would go to the movies in big groups. Of course we would be with our BF/GF's, but it was a group, so we weren't technically on a date. Whatever. I remember this song playing in the AMC movie theater while I was using the restroom. I left the movie because it was, of course, something I wasn't interested in seeing at all.... but my boyfriend paid for my ticket (with the money his mom gave him), so I acted excited at first. Being so bored, I bought time going to the bathroom and looking at all the posters for upcoming movies. I thought I was doing myself a favor by coming back just in time for credits to roll, but he probably just thought I was going #2. Bummer.

Uninvited (Alanis Morissette)-- This is where life got scandalous. Well, not really, but I thought so at the time. This song screams "middle school romance" to me. You see, I had a boyfriend that I was soooooo smitten with and we were on another group date. We went to see the movie "City of Angels," which I ironically was interested in seeing. Too bad we made out the entire movie! Sorry mom, I swear that was all I did! I thought I was so cool and so in love... too bad I was a giant cliche! To make matters worse, the theater was super crowded and his best friend (who had never kissed anyone before) was sitting right next to us! Poor guy's head was six inches from two losers sucking face. All that making out was probably making him sweat through his noxzema! How tacky was I?! Anyways, the only thing I know about this movie is that in the preview, they played this song while Meg Ryan was on her bike. That's it.

Remix to Ignition (R. Kelly)-- This song is so freshman year of college. I just remember living across the hall from Halee Griggs, hearing it for the first time, and being like, "girlfriend, pump up the jams! I like this one!" Therefor, she humored me every time we pre partied and requested that it be played. I couldn't get myself amped up for the par-tay without hearing it. I still listen to it with a sense of nostalgia. I see ourselves in Knight Hall with a bottle of tvarski vodka and sweet and sour. And then I throw up in my mouth a little. @toomuchcheapvodkatolastalifetime.

Promise I will be better about blogging.... Muy lazy lately!!