Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Might Be Single After This Post...

I have the best boyfriend and I love him so much... and he might hate me for sharing this. BUT... a moment captured in time just can't go to waste. Here he is dancing to none other than 69 Boyz, Daisy Dukes. Dis boy be so damn fineeeee <3

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Road Trip and a Louisville Restaurant Review

This past weekend, my mom, Jeremy, and I took a quick overnight trip to Louisville to say bye to my brother and sister-in-law, who are moving. It was Jeremy's first time to visit Kentucky and although it was quick and we will be back in August, I think we showed him a good time. This is how the trip started. Don't worry, he was lucky enough to wake up for Natalie Cole's greatest hits!

On Sunday, we went to brunch at such a wonderful place! I promise, if you live in Louisville or are visiting soon, it's a must go! It's called Village Anchor and you can visit their website here. I can honestly say it was one of the best dining experiences I've had. Sure, we sat on the patio and the weather was that helped. But, this place is just fantastic! The menu had traditional items with a unique twist, the service was great, and the decor of the place was so cool! They even bring your check to you tucked inside a romance novel. However, the portions are HUGE, so you can definitely share! Here are some drool-worthy pictures of our selections-- corn beef hash, monte cristo, red velvet pancakes, and french toast.

Thanks, Louisville, for a great 24 hours. We will be back soon! In the mean time... this is what we rode home with. Do you think he was trying to tell me he was ready to get out of the car?!

Friday, June 15, 2012

St. Louis... more like St. Foodis

It's no secret that St. Louis has this plethora of amazing food at your fingertips. I am constantly amazed by the pride this city takes in fabulous restaurants, local vendors, fresh ingredients, and overall variety. You could, without a doubt, get an amazing meal for every taste your palette desires.

There are certain things that are unique to STL, which I have embraced into my life without looking back. Hey now... I'm a girl who likes to conform to my new lifestyle, especially when good food is involved! Here are some of my favorites-- try not to drool on your keyboards.

Gooey Butter Cookies. Yup...exactly what it sounds like. Butter, sugar, yellow cake, butter, gooey-ness (that's an actual ingredient), more butter, topped with powdered sugar. The first time I had a GBC, I was at work and I promise I about fell out. The overwhelming excitement was like an episode of Maury when you find out you are NOT the father.

St. Louis style pizza. Thin, crispy crust, provel cheese, and your Italian grandmother's love hugging you with every bite. I'm having a hard time not dialing IMO's delivery as we speak....

Scotch Eggs. These aren't STL original, but I sure as hell haven't had them until I moved here. Let me break this shit down for you....
  1. Hard boiled egg
  2. Wrapped in sausage
  3. Breaded
  4. Deep fried
  5. Dipped in honey mustard
  6. ....try not to die.
So.... who wants to go to the gym???

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm a Movie Star!

So... I have the best boyfriend ever. I know what you're thinking, "look at this girl... she is obsessed with Jeremy and every blog post will be about how in loooooove they are." Not so... not EVERY post will be about how much he means to me. But this one... yes. I'm shouting it from the rooftops: Jeremy makes me happy :)

You see... I have this wacky dance that I do. Not sure where and when I choreographed such a gem of a routine, but it happened and I've been on the up and up ever since. Jeremy loves it. No, I'm kidding. He thinks it's the craziest dance ever and acts mortified when I try to bust my moves in public. He always asks me, "where did you learn that?!?!" Anyways, he turned the tables on me when we were at Epcot and he got the grand idea of making me cut-a-rug in all the countries around the world showcase. He said he was going to turn it into a video, and he delivered. Big time.

Of course this video will always mean something different/more to me that any of you, but I have yet to be able to watch it without crying. I'm pretty sure it's the song... or the time he took to make this... or that fact that he has turned me into a blubbering mess of a girlfriend. Enjoy!!!

P.S.--I have to add this as a link because it's not able to be found on a youtube search (Jeremy wasn't sure if I wanted this "put on blast") and I don't know how to add it on here otherwise. My boyfriend is the virtuoso de la internets....not me.

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