Thursday, April 26, 2012

Springtime Walks in Forest Park

Tuesday, Jeremy and I went for a stroll in Forest Park. It was so beautiful outside, we just couldn't resist taking it all in. I feel so lucky to live in a city with such a wonderful park that is home to awesome museums and festivals throughout the year. Bring it on, spring/summertime!!

Here is a glimpse of the photo shoot we had on a bench in front of the art museum. The sun was in my eyes (I'm the type that wears sunglasses until sundown...what can I say, they are sensitive!) and Jeremy thought it was funny. He makes me smile :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cardinals Game and Weekend Visitors

This weekend was possibly one of the busiest ones since moving to STL. And it rained. A lot. Hmmph. BUT...that's when you wear your hair curly and put on your target flats that can get a little wet!

The weekend started Thursday night when my sister and brother-in-law came in town. They stopped by the salon for a little hair TLC, which was the best way to end a long work week. I hate that I managed to go all weekend without getting one picture with them, but we had a good time nonetheless. Friday started early when I met up with Jeremy and we headed downtown to the game. This is when things got a little shady....

You see.... EVERY parking garage was full. It was raining hard. Traffic was horrendous. Even hotel valet was full....everywhere. So, I'm lucky to have such a smart, city savvy boyfriend who came up with the idea of fleeing downtown and going to Llewellyn's Soulard to get some food, alcohol, and to wait it out. Maybe he was starving from not eating breakfast... or maybe he recognized the early signs of my head spinning, while projectile vomiting split pea soup had we not promptly escaped the situation we were in. Either way, he saved the day! Our stay at Llewellyn's included, but was not limited to beer and wine, the most amazing adult grilled cheese, and making friends at the bar. Here we are at our post...

Then, we hopped on the trolley, which took us to the stadium. Little did we know, we had quite a long, wet, walk ahead of us...

We got to the stadium and began our search for my family. This search included circling the the ENTIRE stadium at least twice. We even got within ten feet of he door we were supposed to go in, but it was so cleverly tucked behind a brick wall. Why not? All secret doors are hidden behind brick walls in the rain. After walking to the other side once again, and at one point, Jeremy's umbrella was INVERTED, we finally got where we were supposed to be and got to our suite. Here we are, wet and ready for bratzels and nachos!
This might possibly be my favorite picture of Jeremy. My boo and his bratzel....yum!

Here we are watching the game...aren't we cute?!

After the game, Jeremy and I picked up one of my best friends from Memphis, Allison, and met my parents for pizza at Pi. After a brief encounter with an overzealous security guard that threatened our arrest for driving down a (possibly private) street looking at gorgeous mansions, Allison and I retired back to the hotel. What a long, glorious day!

Allison and I spent the next day exploring STL. I hate that it rained almost the entire day, but it did end up clearing up for a stroll and appetizer in central west end.

We went to dinner with Jeremy and one of his friends, then had a drink at the restaurant next to Jeremy's building. I am so lucky to have such special people in my life. From both the past, present, and hopefully, the future. I had such a good time showing Allison my new city and I very much look forward to more visitors!! Here is one last shot for ya.... just because I love it so much :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend

I'm a little late with this post, but life has been busy. See, I've been in a detox program this week. Cleansing my system of hot cross buns, fun size snickers, butterfinger eggs, complex carbs, and alcohol. I hit a wall Sunday night after that fateful slice of coconut cake. I felt nauseous from all the sugar! BUT...I digress. Easter weekend was absolutely amazing and I'm lucky to have gotten to spend it with my parents and boyfriend.

The weekend started on Thursday when Jeremy came over and I cooked dinner for him and my mom. Then, Jeremy and I went to the Easter service at church Friday night, followed by pizza at one of my favorite places on the hill--Milo's. St. Louis style pizza with provel cheese has definitely been a weakness of mine since I've moved here! Here is a picture of the beautiful flowers he brought. Am I lucky, or what?!

Following a brief intermission in celebrating the resurrection of the Lord for work Saturday, we picked right back up with dinner, dying eggs, and some very special bubbly that evening. I may or may not have forgotten the "y" in Jeremy as I was writing a secret message on his egg. Whoopsie!

After breakfast Sunday morning, we went to church, took the dogs for a romp in the field, ate chips and queso, then sat on the patio at Starbucks. I couldn't think of a better day with the people I cherish the most. Although it was a little chilly, we bundled up and ate dinner on the patio. I LOVE eating outside in the spring!!

I am so thankful for what God has blessed me with so far in 2012. I am so lucky to have my family, friends, a job I love, and one VERY amazing, sweet, romantic boyfriend. And I'm sure he is thankful for a few things, like surviving a weekend in the 'burbs without getting kidnapped, forced to wear Eddie Bauer, and drive a Honda Odyssey. You're welcome!!