Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm a Movie Star!

So... I have the best boyfriend ever. I know what you're thinking, "look at this girl... she is obsessed with Jeremy and every blog post will be about how in loooooove they are." Not so... not EVERY post will be about how much he means to me. But this one... yes. I'm shouting it from the rooftops: Jeremy makes me happy :)

You see... I have this wacky dance that I do. Not sure where and when I choreographed such a gem of a routine, but it happened and I've been on the up and up ever since. Jeremy loves it. No, I'm kidding. He thinks it's the craziest dance ever and acts mortified when I try to bust my moves in public. He always asks me, "where did you learn that?!?!" Anyways, he turned the tables on me when we were at Epcot and he got the grand idea of making me cut-a-rug in all the countries around the world showcase. He said he was going to turn it into a video, and he delivered. Big time.

Of course this video will always mean something different/more to me that any of you, but I have yet to be able to watch it without crying. I'm pretty sure it's the song... or the time he took to make this... or that fact that he has turned me into a blubbering mess of a girlfriend. Enjoy!!!

P.S.--I have to add this as a link because it's not able to be found on a youtube search (Jeremy wasn't sure if I wanted this "put on blast") and I don't know how to add it on here otherwise. My boyfriend is the virtuoso de la internets....not me.

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