Monday, August 13, 2012

YES WE CAN....ehhhhh's been a while since my last post and I have so many fun events to share with you, dating all the way back from 4th of July to a wedding in Kentucky this weekend. However...something happened this evening that I must share. For the first time in my life, SOMEWHERE, I am a democrat. My grandfather is rolling over in his grave at this very moment.

Here is how it all went down.... I'm meeting Jeremy at Kobe steakhouse for a little hibachi date. How anyone was able to break my tunnel vision of fried rice and grilled shrimp, I have no idea. But, a couple decked out with fanny packs and clipboards approached me and asked me if I was registered to vote. (Funny--I had just said to Jer like 4 days before, that I needed to switch my registration to MO in time for the presidential election!) Perfect! Yes, I DO need to register to vote! So, they eagerly follow me up to the restaurant and finish the registration with the question...."Will you be voting for Obama???" Great...

Now...I am probably the least judgmental person when it comes to political views. You'll never really catch me in some political debate, or getting all heated over someone else's agenda...that's annoying. I feel as though my political position is exactly that.... mine. But for the record, I am republican and come from a rather large extended republican family.

So, I simply smiled and said, "Not sure yet..." and made my way into Kobe. I remember telling Jeremy that I bet I just got registered democrat without knowing (is that even allowed?) because they didn't ask me either way, but were obviously campaigning blue. Fast forward to tonight when my phone rings and it's a guy from the STL democratic something or other, thanking me for my registration! He asked me if I had any questions or needed help on my decision, to which I replied, "nope, I'm just fine." Then, he asked me if I didn't mind telling him who I was voting for. You see, I thought the whole point of this phone call was to get me to or make sure I was still voting for I gave the answer I thought would end the phone call immediately..."definitely Obama."

Then, he goes on to tell me about all these campaigning events where I can pass out water at churches and go door to door and wants to know if I'm interested in participating! I tell him I don't have a regular 9-5 job and If I decide I wanted to, I would call him (I couldn't hurt his feelings)! Here is the kicker... he read off my address and asked me if I still lived there. I mean...  am I going to get people showing up at my door with Obama signs to put in my yard?!?! Now I'm starting to wonder if I told the couple at Kobe that I was republican, if they would have even turned my form in! Good Lord.... things are about to get crazy urban up in here!

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